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What size American flag should I buy?

The most common American flag size is a 3' x 5', which is ideal for display outside of your home.  Some prefer a slightly smaller flag such as a 2' x 3', but with slight difference in costs we like to recommend with the bigger one to help the display. If you you going to fly the flag let’s see is our saying. This size of flag is ideal when your flag post is mounted off the house.

If you have a flagpole mounted in the ground at your home or business the appropriate size flag for display outdoors is determined by the type of flagpole. You also should consider the number of flags being flown simultaneously on that pole.  When flying multiple flags on the same flagpole the lower flag(s) should generally be one size smaller than the main flag.

Check our flag etiquette section for more detailed information on flag size. Please note, this do not represent a warranty that the flag size shown may be safely flown in all wind speeds and or locations. You do want to avoid flying a flag that is too big for the pole length to avoid damage.